Panda Fireworks Store was set up in 2006 by a team of committed and enthusiastic people. Over the years WE have managed to make one dream come true – we have turned our store in the most amply stocked pyrotechnics (fireworks) store in the entire country. We have a rich assortment of the most popular fireworks that we always keep in stock and readily available. We are prepared to meet any requirements of our customers because we have sufficient quantities of the major categories of the most popular fireworks:


Eruption of a powerful jet of fire and sparks without smoke. They reach heights of 2 to 8 metres. Duration of 2 to 15 sec. Optional colouring of the flame in red or green.


These burn with dazzling colourful flames /white, green, red, blue, yellow, orange, purple/ and white smoke. Duration of 10 sec to 5 min.


These are cardboard cores with a sparkling mixture. They are placed at great heights and ‘pour out’ a stream of hot sparks when launched. They reach heights of 5 to 75 m. Duration of 6 to 90 sec.

Roman candles

These are tubes that shoot out stars or small bombettes repeatedly, every 1 to 3 seconds, to heights of 10 to 40 metres.


When launched these fireworks make a ‘fountain’ of bright sparks. They reach heights of 0.5 m to 15 depending on the type of firework. Duration of effect is from 1.5 sec to 1 min. Fountain types: silver, brilliant, golden, colourful, with colourful sparks.


Unlike the fountains, the effect of volcanoes ‘rises’ gradually. They are a variety of the fountains.

Chinese wheels and suns

These are carousels with colourful fire and a halo of sparks. They provide a large variety of effects: wheels and spirals with changing colours, direction and diameter. There is an accompaniment of sound effects. Duration of 10 sec to 6 min.

Bengal fires

These burn with a mild colourful flame /white, green, red, yellow, orange, blue, etc./

Pyro batteries

Sets of mortars stuck to each other and connected with delayers. Each mortar launches a pyro element or a bunch of pyro elements to a height of 10 to 40 m. Duration of 10 sec to 5 min. Number of shots from 5 to 300.